May 6th, 2006

S Factor pole dancer Sheila Kelley

party and hair

Last night was pretty amazing. Let's face it, me + party + a pole at the party = wow & happy! Per the suggestion of the party hosts, I put myself last on the list for the amateur strip night show (so none of the other folks would be intimidated). I must say I was impressed with every person who got up and danced around and stripped that night. They had great energy, great showmanship, and fantastic eye contact with the crowd. For all my amazing pole tricks and spins, I still need work on my eye contact and relationship with the crowd. It's far too easy for me to just get up there and get lost in my own little world while I put on a show. And interacting is key.

The DJ was thrilled when I handed him my music. "Razed in Black!?" he said excited. Apparently, for all his conservative lookingness, he is another closet goth. And in spite of being nervous and not making enough eye contact with the crowd, I still blew the crowd away. No one was expecting one of the amateurs to get up there and put on a flipping, spinning, hand standing type pole show. And I was worried that I was one of the only people not stripping down to a thong (I went down to a bra type top and pretty black boxer/briefs). No one cared, they were too busy hooting and hollering over my pole work. Yay! Good to know you don't have to get naked to be sexy.

After the show I found myself being treated like a queen. And who doesn't want to share what they love with those around them and be appreciated for it? It's the most wonderful feeling. And a few girls asked for my card so they can take my classes, so it turned out to be a good networking night as well.

In other news, I'm happy with the new hair cut. I balked at paying $50 for a hair cut (plus I tipped her $5). But it was worth it. The mistake the last hair stylist made can't really be fixed (she kind butchered one spot) but my new gal did an excellent job of blending it in with the rest of my hair so you don't notice it. And her layering helped bring out my curl nicely. She's got my vote of confidence from now on.
socks and cat

don't get calls like this everyday

Coolest phone call EVER! I just a call from quicksilver1 and I hear what sounds like machine gun fire in the background. "Is that gunfire?" I ask. I'm not used to getting calls with ongoing gunfire in the background. And it was indeed. M-240 November guns to be exact.

Anyway, he asks me to go into the bathroom to check and see if he left his pistol there. Apparently he took it out of his holster right before he left for the weekend and forgot to put it back and he wanted to make sure it was here that he left it. It wasn't on the bathroom counter, but I did find his pistol on the desk just outside the bathroom. It actually scared the heck out of me (it's been over a year since I handled a gun) and I didn't touch it. But I'm still amused. He was glad to know the gun was safe and had to hang up soon after as it was his turn at the M-240's.