April 19th, 2006


my clarification on guns

I need to make a correction to my last post. I'm actually not a gun enthusiast. I'm a fan of anything that makes me feel empowered, and shooting happens to be one of those things. I don't see shooting much differently than I see pole dancing or teaching. It's all something that helps me find my limits and then surpass them, with continued education and practice. And that's empowering.

The guns themselves are still too much of a challenge for me to be considered anything more than a novice (in spite of spending 16 hours getting my NRA gun safety certification). As it is, I have to stick with revolvers rather than semiautomatics because misfires and hangfires scare the heck out of me. I mean not only does it freak me out that you can pull the trigger and nothing happens, but then you're responsible for digging out the jammed bullet without blowing your own head off in the process. No thank you. Revolvers for me please.

Also having grown up in home where violence, physical abuse and the fear of both were an everyday normal occurrence, I have an overly developed obsession with self protection. My learning disabilities have made martial arts very challenging, and I've already forgotten most of what I learned in Kung Fu. Guns are my second choice. Naturally I feel safer with one around. And I'm so very lucky to live in a state that lets me carry one in my purse (as long as I have a permit to do so). When I lived in California, you couldn't get a permit to carry. So while I'm not thrilled with guns (not at all in fact), I really enjoy shooting and I consider it comforting and safe (since I live in a home in which there are never any children present) to have one around .
socks and cat

a couple text/policy changes

Okay folks, I would really appreciate your input a couple small website changes. I'm trying to think of a tactful way to mention that there is now a weight limit for the class. I hate doing it. But it would be worse to have some one show up that's too heavy and have to turn them away. Below is the paragraph as it appears on Pole For The Soul's FAQ page. All I did was tack on the sentence on the bottom about the weight limit. Is there a more tactful way to phrase this?


Do I need to be fit, thin or strong to take this class?

These classes are about having fun, getting fit, feeling sexy and discovering abilities you probably didn't even know you had - not about how you look. It's a friendly atmosphere and one of the main goals is to enjoy yourself and have fun with the girls while you get in shape! It doesn't take a lot of strength to spin on a pole if you learn the right techniques. But if you want to start building strength before the class series begins, focus on upper body and abdominal exercises such as push ups and sit ups.

There is a 220 pound limit on the poles, anyone under 220 pounds can pole dance!


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