April 18th, 2006

Meushi animated

darn cat

Unbelievable! I spend $90 on this fantastic cat condo/cat tree complete with little cubby to sleep in, different levels to climb on, a cushy cat bed perch up top and 3 dangling cat toys to bat around. And does she climb it? No. She's only gone up there twice and prefers to ignore it and just snooze on my bed instead. Yet what does she decide to climb the heck out of? The extra tall boxes that my dancing poles were shipped in:

pole boxes

The boxes (two of which still have poles in them) just sit in a boring closet. The cat tree is perched over a fabulous view where she can watch birds and cars and people. The boxes are perfectly smooth and so really challenging to climb (she nearly falls when she struggles her way up there). The cat tree has all these textures and carpet and sisel rope to sink her claws into. So I just don't get it. Should I get rid of the cat tree and just move one of the empty boxes into my room for her?
socks and cat

new roommie

quicksilver1 is moving in with me at the end of this month. Don't bother checking his LJ. He's one of my non-LJ friends that I convinced to open an LJ account, after which he only made one post and never added anyone or ever posted again. I guess resistance is not so futile after all.

Anyway, one of the things I'm looking forward to is having another gun enthusiast around. My hope is that having him around will motivate me to go shooting again, since it's been well over a year now. And hopefully he'll help me pick out a new gun as well. Between our guns and all the pretty swords and blades on display here, we will be our own weapons extravaganza. Yay!

He's also a big comic fan. There will be framed artsy Spider Man pictures and a Flash statue in our living room. Fortunately he's also a huge Star Wars fan like me. Our home will be an eclectic decor of comicdom and sci-fi.