April 10th, 2006

Kitten behind bars

no LJ last weekend

I didn't get to read LJ this weekend because just about every minute of it was devoted to getting the new studio ready. Now that I'm about 1,000 posts behind, there's no way I can catch up. Not with everything that needs to be done today. If you posted anything important or major over the weekend, please post a link in comment. I don't want to miss out!
socks and cat

What I want for my birthday

So if you live in Seattle and you're computer hardware savy and you're wondering what to get me for my birthday today...it's your lucky day! Heh. :) Well, not my lucky day technically as my poor little computer is crippled. The virtual memory is so low it is no longer able to do internet or play music. And trying to do Pole For The Soul business stuff on it is pretty challenging too. I can't even open a document without walking away for about 5 minutes while my computer struggles to open it.

A virtual gift certificate posted in comment for one free RAM installation (I'll buy the RAM, you install) is what I'd like for my special day. At least I assume RAM is what I'm looking for. Is that what I'm supposed to buy when my computer is out of memory?
word wall

Cage Kitten at 2 years old

2 year old Cage Kitten

I went to the flower shop this morning to treat myself to some flowers to wear in my hair. They took 3 very pretty white ones and wired them so I could put them in my upswept curls. When I went to pay for them, they told me it was their treat for my birthday. What a wonderful start to my day!