March 4th, 2006

pole kitten inverted trick

pole notes

Well I would say after last night's hour and a half long work out that I officially know too many pole tricks and too much pole work to fit it all into one work out now. I'm going to have to start dividing up my work outs. One night will be spins and floor work and the other night will be the more acrobatic and inverted tricks.

I am still having trouble remembering everything I know. Damn learning disabilities. I keep referencing my notes to try and practice it all. But I can't take my notes to performances or the Vogue. And those are the places where I just freeze up and forget half of what I know. It's like I'm a pole goddess when I'm practicing alone at home and then I hardly know anything when I actually try to show off a little in public. And that's very frustrating. I suppose that is the nature of disabilities in general, a little frustration as you try to overcome them. To help me remember them all I try to practice them in order, sort of like a routine. But sometimes I'm just nervous enough in public to forget entire portions of the routine. And I think I know too many tricks now to keep them all in a routine order.