February 8th, 2006

socks and cat

MARK YOUR CALENDARS (not related to my prior post)

Okay, I realize this is two months in advance. But hey, some of us are really busy and have to plan our stuff really far in advance. So this is for you folks who also plan in advance:

Girls Only Clothing Swap Party

Saturday afternoon April 8th alexandrrrrra's in Seattle. It is a combination birthday party and clothing swap, which just means there will be cake! Girls - start culling your closets and setting aside the clothes you don't want anymore.

Early Saturday evening April 8th is the cagekitten birthday dinner at a restaurant to be announced - in Lower Queen Anne (and yes, boys are allowed at this one).

Late Saturday evening April 8th is more birthday wildness at a club to be announced. It will probably be the Vogue or Noc Noc.

Also last year we went to Deja Vu for my birthday as well. It was a blast!! If enough people are interested in doing that again, I can plan it for Friday evening April 7th. Admission to Deja Vu is $7 and includes two drinks.
socks and cat

moving along

My new glossy business cards just arrived from gotprint.com. They are snazzy! But given the size of the waiting list to get into my classes (which continues to grow every week), it's looking unlikely that I will be using them for promotion. And I have yet to design the personal (as apposed to promotional) ones with my business number and e-mail address.

I am still waiting to get my paperwork from the Secretary of State's office showing that I am a Limited Liability Company. Although I'm beginning to wonder if they actually send you proof. I mean maybe they just cash my $195 check and log me into some registry somewhere and that's it. I'll give them a couple more weeks before I call and ask what I should be expecting. I've been doing all my business banking out of my personal account because I don't think I can open a business account until I have something showing that I'm a company. And that LLC is basically an expensive version of a business license. Edit: The paperwork arrived last night!