February 7th, 2006

socks and cat

more new trickness

It's funny but my new pole coach doesn't so much teach me new tricks as just demonstrates them. And I'll look and go, "Oh, hey...I never thought of doing it that way. Let me try." Of course when I first try, it's not going to be perfect. If anything I do the trick right, but not gracefully. When I ask for help in improving the trick, she usually just tells me to practice and I'll get better.

Last week I saw her do something I was wishing I could do but never dared try. Having her there gave me the confidence to give it a shot. Positions like this one are pretty easy to get into (once you learn it) by climbing up the pole and wrapping your legs around and just letting go with your hand. If your stomach muscles are strong enough, even the falling over backwards can be done gracefully and easily. However, with a position like this you really have to start with your feet on the floor. It gives you that extra lift up to flip your body upside down when you can push off from the floor. But last Wednesday I watched my coach climb up the pole, let go with her legs and just curl up and shoot her legs over her head to hang upside down from them. I was so inspired I promptly attempted and achieved this move! w00t!

So here's what the combination looks like:

First I climb up the pole and sit up there like this:

pole sit

Only you have to imagine me there without a precious kitty in my lap.

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And while we're on the subject of pole dancing, click here and check this girl out. Absolutely THE most acrobatic pole dancing I have ever seen. She doesn't actually dance. I mean when she's got her feet on the floor you'll see she sort of has two left feet and doesn't know what to do. But it doesn't matter at all because once she's on the pole it just blows you away. Some of those tricks are physically impossible! As for work safeness, she is only dancing in a thong bikini. But it's kinda small and a bit blurry, so I think it's okay to watch at work.
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Quote of the Day...

"If you can't build five minutes of 'Quiet Time' into your daily schedule, it's time to face the music: you're losing your mind, if not your soul."

~From an article by D. Patrick Miller

And now it's your turn (post replies in comment). How often do you take quiet time and what does your quiet time look like?