February 3rd, 2006

S Factor pole dancer Sheila Kelley

Learning inverted transitional tricks

I've decided not to do any pole dancing competitions until I can learn this trick. But since I haven't been able to learn it on my own, I've recently hired an exotic dancer to coach me one evening per week. I don't quite have the trick down yet but I learn something new from her every week. I've been trying to find a picture of the position she showed me how to get into but could only find something vaguely similar in a pic I took of Chris pole dancing at the Vogue. So below the cut I've sort of made a before and after pic of the trick, which is woefully inadequate really. Because the cool part of the trick is watching the transition from the before to the after.

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I have to tell you how amazing it was to do this for the first time. I watched my coach do it and said, "Hey, I think I can do that." I didn't have her instruct me, I just asked her if she was crossing one leg over the other during the transition. When she told me "yes" I went ahead and got into the upside down by one leg position on the pole. Then, hardly knowing what I was doing or if I was doing it right, I crossed one leg over the other. Okay...still hanging...haven't fallen yet. Then I just braced myself mentally for the possibility of falling, let my arms continue to hang down over my head, and flipped by body around to face the pole. It probably took less than a second but it seemed like eternity as I waited to see if the ground rushed toward me. It didn't. And I gasped as I realized I was still hanging from the pole, but in that entirely new position. Exhilarated, I purposely slid down the pole by my legs into a hand stand. Then I dismounted, jumped up and squealed, "I can't believe I just did that! Oh my god that was so fun! I can't believe I just did that!!"

That was Wednesday night. Needless to say, I've been anxiously awaiting some free time tonight so I can practice the new tricks. And note how big the muscles are on my thighs now (that lump on the back of my thigh is all muscle). The more tricks I learn, the more muscles I develop. Learning pole dancing, whether a beginner or learning advanced tricks like these, is like a race between having fun, being excited all the time about it, and developing a better and better body.
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Thanks Bush

House cuts health care for the poor and elderly and other programs


Bush budget to seek $70 billion for Wars/Iraq and Afghanistan

The budget cuts also include provisions to save about $8 billion over 10 years by cutting federal enforcement of child support payments. Because...uhhh...yeah, we need more single mothers who can't afford to feed and care for their own children. Maybe it's just me. But it doesn't strike me as a good idea to cut health care to our poor and elderly and let children from broken homes go hungry while dumping billions on Iraq.