January 26th, 2006

Kitten with a blade

can't win 'em all

So last night my debit card mysteriously escaped my wallet, drove itself to the lingerie store, made a purchase and deposited said purchase in my wardrobe. And all without my knowledge of course. Honestly, I have no idea how this happened. But I am now the owner of the sparkly rhinestone bra (picture below the cut).

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Sadly, this has turned out to be one of the most wasted purchases of the year, and probably will remain so. It doesn't work for all kinds of reasons. First of all I had no intention of parading around a club like I am in that picture with just the bra and a skirt. I thought I could wear a fishnet top over it or shrug or something. I put my fishnet shirt over it and guess what? The rhinestones snagged the net and shredded the heck out of it when I tried to take it off. I thought the fishnet shrug might work better since it won't actually touch the bra. Nope. Touched rhinestones here and there and caught the net, doing some damage. I can't think of anything to wear over and around it now. Ideas? Suggestions?

I also thought it would work with my new dress. But it doesn't look right under it at all.

And if you look at the picture of me in the bra you can already see how my skin is turning red in some spots. The metal irritates my skin and the rhinestone halter strap that goes around my neck actually cuts into my neck and leaves all kinds of marks (more like impressions). The rhinestone strap in back keeps falling down if I dance it. The bra still stays on when this happens, but it's annoying. Also it looks like it covers you when you wear it, nothing shows underneath. But if some one takes a picture with a flash, everything under the bra will show. Yeah, surprise! I remedied this problem in the picture above by putting white pads under the rhinestone cups. So I'll always have to wear something under the bra in case of flash photography.

Honestly it's uncomfortable and annoying and leaves marks. And the gals at the store told me not to pole dance in it. And I can't wear anything over it. But I'm not upset at all. I'll consider it a challenge to try and make something work with it. Maybe I'll sew it onto a PVC bra. Maybe I'll make it part of a showgirl costume for Halloween. Maybe I'll glue clear plastic bra straps under the halter part so it won't dig into my skin. If I get to wear it even once or twice, I'll be happy. It's the desiring the item and dreaming about it and posting about it and the thrill of finally acquiring it that are worth the money. Sort of like I imagine a hunter doesn't really want to own a dead deer, it's the process and experience of hunting it that he probably does it for. And likewise buying pretty things, for me anyway, is never really about owning them. If I get to wear them to a club once or twice, that's just an added bonus.