January 25th, 2006

cat's eye

7 months since the lasik surgery

Left eye has been feeling dry and itchy since last night. I'm a bit panicked given that the doctor told me after my lasik that my eyes were dry as a desert. My research on the surgery turned up a lot of folks who are left with chronically dry eyes that feel like sandpaper for life.

However, the dry eyes could also be good news. The feeling could be that of my nerves regrowing or reconnecting. The nerves in your eye that tell your brain when the eyes are dry, are severed during lasik surgery. This is why many people are left with chronically dry eyes for life. Without the eyes sending this message to the brain, you don't produce any moisture or tears to wet them. Sometimes the nerves might not grow back. But it my case I suspect the irritating feeling is the nerves finally starting to reconnect their severed connections. Now they KNOW they are dry and they are telling my brain. Hopefully the next step in the healing process will be my eyes naturally lubricating again. In the mean time, I'm putting drops in them often.
socks and cat

Quote of the Day...

Found this in sweetestkiss's LJ, she in turn found it in another LJ:

"People are judged NOT on what others say about them, but what they say about others."

So true. It's been my experience that if one of your friends or co-workers is badmouthing some one to you, it's only a matter of time before they badmouth you to some one else...no matter how much you trust them.