October 26th, 2005


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Those of you that participated in the "3 Things" list yesterday got comments from me checking in with you. I told you I'd be helping to keep you motivated!

So would it help to post a list of user names of everyone who got their list done? Kind of like in school, and you'd all get a gold star!
socks and cat

looking for an attorney to write up the contract

The retail space is excited about having me teach classes there. I'm still shopping around for space but also ready to have an attorney draw up the papers for this location. Does anyone know of an attorney who would like to learn exotic dance and pole dancing? I'd like to do a trade. We can do an hour by hour trade or I can give them a discount or free spot in the 6 week class.
Meushi animated

(no subject)

Tonight my roommate is going to teach me how to trim Meushi's claws. As I write this, she is clawing a binder. I don't why she's clawing a binder, but she is.