July 28th, 2005

S Factor pole dancer Sheila Kelley

One of my favorite pole tricks...

I finally have a picture of me doing the inverted trick where I hang by only one leg! I'm really proud of that trick since I didn't have any instruction or coaching or video to teach me how to do it. I just saw a picture of domina_carmen doing it on the pole at the Fenix and I experimented until I figured out the trick on my own. You can click on the picture or the cut for larger view and additional pics.

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socks and cat

Thankful Thursday

This is sort of a backwards way to do Thankful Thursdays. But lately I've been reading posts from folks or hearing from friends that know people that have screwed them over or screwed up their jobs or sabotaged something valuable (like a friendship or relationship) etc. I guess I take responsibility for granted. I pretty much raised myself and so I didn't have anyone to spoil me or give me so much that I could take it for granted. I've had to fend for myself and that means deal with my own messes. So that just taught me responsibility early on. I forget that other people don't have that advantage. I forget how lucky I really am. So today I am thankful for things I don't do or wouldn't do such as...

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