July 1st, 2005

YinYang Cats

Quote of the day...

For those that haven't joined in on Thankful Thursdays yet, I hope you'll consider it. Here's a quote I found in a magazine article yesterday:

"When we say 'thank you' we experience heaven on earth. Yet most of us persist in looking to external events for fulfillment. If we get the promotion, fall in love, lose 10 pounds or buy a new car then we'll feel happy. But you can't live your life waiting for something to give you an adrenaline hit. Real joy is quiet and comes from within. It allows you to hear yourself think and listen to your own heartbeat without the distraction of worries and fears."

~Sarah Ban Breathnach
S Factor pole dancer Sheila Kelley

pole dancing on Access Hollywood

Access Hollywood just did a piece on how celebrities get in shape. And it included the pole dancing school in LA where I learned pole dancing. Yay for once again taking pole dancing out of the strip clubs and into the mainstream as a fun and sexy fitness program!!! It was interesting to note that the 8 week classes have gone up from $400 to $440. That comes out to $55 per class (which gives me a good idea of what I should be charging for my classes).