June 13th, 2005

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Quote of the Day...

I love this one, because oh wow is it ever true...

"Everything in my life that I ever did that was worthwhile, I caught hell for."

~Earl Warren

Your turn! If you can, name something worthwhile you did in your life that you caught hell for.
red pvc pants

pole dancing and pvc pants

I had a great time at the Vogue on Friday night. Too many friends there to even attempt to name them all here. But you know who you are and I was so happy to see you again! I haven't been clubbing in about 6 weeks and it felt really good to be welcomed back by folks.

The new DJ is great but I need just the right song before I can jump up on the pole at the Vogue and pole dance. I requested "Oh My Goth" but he forgot about it. It wasn't until etherpunk requested it again for me that he remembered that he forgot. When he did play it I literally ran to the pole I was so excited! I was all over that pole with spins and on the floor with some light floor work when a woman jumped up onto the stage with me to talk to me. She said, "I work at Deja Vu and I'm here with the Deja Vu DJ too and we want to know what club you work at." Damn I was flattered. I always figured I'm good, but not stripper good! Holy cow. I told her I've never worked as a stripper in my life and she suggested I compete in their amateur night. I told her I've always wanted to (there's no nudity allowed in the competitions so I don't have to strip, just pole dance). She told me to come down the Deja Vu in Tacoma where she works. She said there are too many goth girls (like me) competing and stripping in Seattle so I'd never win here. That's very sad to hear. But I want my friends to show up and support me when I compete. And I'm not about to make all my friends drive down to Tacoma!!

I planned to wear my red PVC pants (in the icon for this post) but one of the unintended side effects of the cleanse and detox I did in Hawaii was weight loss. The pants were a bit big on me. So I put on a pair of hand me down black PVC pants that a friend gave me. They're usually too tight but now they're just right kind of tight. But tighter than I'm used to. I forgot to put baby powder on my skin before I put them on. So I was stuck with PVC sticking to me all night. And the pants were so tight that they actually hindered my pole dancing. You can't pole dance in PVC pants if they're too tight to do the splits in! So I need to find myself a new pair of black PVC pants. Something attractive that is NOT skin tight. Something durable since pole dancing eats up PVC pants like you wouldn't believe. The ones I wore Friday already have damage to the knees from the spins that land you on your knees.

I was also happy to run into bdsm_teddy because I've been wanting to pay him for the awesome PVC nurse uniform that he got me for one of his events that I worked. I've been holding on to the money forever just hoping I'd run into him at a club. I love the outfit and I'm so glad I finally got to pay him for it.

And finally I have to mention how amazing sweetestkiss was all night. Not only has she slimmed down a lot, but her dancing has really improved. You can't NOT look at her when she dances and guys come up to her to compliment her. She gave me a lap dance while I was sitting on the speakers and I said to her as she did it, "Every guy in this place wishes he was me right now!" And speaking of sweetestkiss, there's a picture below of the two of us just before we went to a party a week ago Saturday. And there are two pictures from the party too:

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