June 7th, 2005

Red Headed Kitten

I'm so honored

I don't know if the person who gifted me with a permanent account wants to be identified or not. So I'll just say THANK YOU. I was literally moved to tears by the gift, it is so incredibly generous.

Over the past couple of years Live Journal has:

1. Helped me meet and connect with new people.

2. Both initiated and strengthened real life friendships.

3. Has proved to be an invaluable resource to express myself, my art, my creativity and life passions.

4. Has become a fantastic resource to bridge the gap between my learning/memory disability and important events in my friend's lives (which I can often forget if they are not written down).

5. Assisted me with getting last minute information that helps at temp jobs and makes me look like a resource super star every time they need me to find some information that can't be googled or ordinarily found online.

6. Helps me understand people better and support my love of psychology and understanding the human experience.

7. Allows me to share every aspect of my life by providing picture hosting (for paid users).

8. Provides a place to get feedback when I am unsure about things (including everything from what to wear to a job interview to actual life influencing major decisions).

9. Has enriched and improved my life in more ways than I can describe here.

To the person who has purchased the membership for me, thank you for ensuring that I will have all of these wonderful gifts for a lifetime!!