April 27th, 2005

socks and cat

I guess they do this every year when it gets warm

They just put lawn chairs and a glass table out on the deck!!! As it is I've been spending my lunches napping in the recliner chair seated directly in front of the floor to ceiling 4th floor window with the stunning view of Elliot Bay (literally right across the street), a park and the trains (ain't life rough?). Now I can enjoy the same view and nap outside. I just need an umbrella to keep the sun off me.

I haven't told this job yet that I'll be gone to Hawaii for two weeks next month, because they haven't told me yet whether or not they can have me back next month (budgets depend on the results of a pending clinical trial). That's the luxury of being a temp, you just take off whenever the heck you want. But please keep your fingers crossed for me everybody. It would be so nice if I not only stay here, but come back after my trip to Hawaii. I'd like that.