April 14th, 2005

Nathan & Kitten

Thankful Thursday aka Ode to Goth Boys

It's Thankful Thursday. I'm much too tired (late night last night) to formulate a coherent list of everything I'm thankful for today. Instead I just want to expand upon one thing I am so grateful for: goth boys. And no, this post isn't about N. This is about all of them.

I am thankful for long hair, and how incredible boys look when their hair falls over their eyes or how cute they look when they pull it back in a pony tail. I'm thankful for boys in eyeliner and make-up, good lord that makes me swoon. I'm thankful for men in black jeans and boots. I'm thankful for the goth boys in their lace up knee high boots. I'm thankful for boys in PVC pants, oh dear god am I ever thankful. I'm thrilled all the way down to my toes when a goth boy needs to adjust, cut or open something and so pulls a knife out of his pocket to do so. There's nothing sexier than a man who knows how to handle a blade...except one that just happens to have one on him at all times. I'm thankful for hugs that smell of cloves or the ease with which I can bury my face in their long, luxurious hair when we hug. I'm grateful for their alternative dating lifestyles that make it possible to snuggle and kiss even the taken ones (with permission of all parties involved of course). I'm grateful for their pagan or spiritual beliefs that often fit so harmoniously with my own. I'm grateful for the ones that are big and strong and can lift me up off the ground in tremendous hugs. I'm grateful for the ones that are small in stature, elf and fairy like that make me feel like I'm with one of my own kind (the elf kind) every time they take me in their arms. I'm thankful every time I see them dance. I'm thankful for their creativity, the music they make, the art they craft, the illustrations and painting they make that inspire me. I'm thankful for the eye candy and snuggles.

Honestly I doubt I could ever find a "normal" man attractive ever again. Goth boys are so beautiful, so creative, so expressive, so romantic and so sexy that nothing else compares. It's true what they say (with a goth twist of course); Once you've had black, you'll never go back.