April 5th, 2005

back - photo by Rayce

Surpassing my preconceived limitations once again!

I'm so excited!! Yesterday I made that post linking to some pole dancing pictures that spikyme took. I was so inspired by the one of Carmen hanging upside down by only one leg that I experimented last night during my pole work out/practice. I didn't intend to hang upside down, like her, from only one leg. I figured that's way too advanced for me right now. Instead I just experimented with hanging upside with my knee bent, wrapping my leg around the pole like Raven is doing in this picture instead of a nearly straight leg with only my ankle around the pole like I'm doing in this picture. After a few tries I realized that bending my knee put so much pressure against the pole that I could let go with both hands!

Low and behold my friends, last night for the first time ever, I hung upside down by only one leg. No hands. No second leg. Just me being inspired by pictures of Carmen pole dancing and figuring out how to do it on my very own.

I've decided to demystify the trick for my own notes. Those who want to know how it's done are welcome to take a look.

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I was so excited when I realized I could do this trick that once I got down from the pole I was actually jumping up and down. I did it! It may be a while before I can do this trick at the Vogue. Right now I've only done it a couple times on a non-rotating stationary pole. Like all tricks, it will take some time, trial and error to learn to transfer it to a free rotating/spinning pole like the one at the Vogue. But I can't wait to show off the new trick!