March 8th, 2005

over the shoulder Kitten

I'm giving away my lap top - FREE TO GOOD HOME

Some of you may recall me getting a free lap top last year. It's old, I think it runs Windows 98, it was free because it has screen "issues". Well I inherited a slightly better used laptop and so I'm giving away the crummy one. It's really not good for anything much except word processing. If you like to go to a coffee shop and write, then it's great for that. You could probably put a modem in it as well for inernet use.

Free to good home.

Rather than give it to first come first served, I want it to go to the person who needs it most. COMMENTS ARE SCREENED on this post, no one else will see it. Post a message letting me know why you need a free computer and the most needy person will get it. It's not new or fabulous, but it works decent and if you can afford to add a modem then you can surf the net with it.

It comes with a nifty black carrying case. Come and get it!