January 16th, 2005

socks and cat

Fetish Show

I had a blast at the "Insanity Is Bliss" Fetish Show. Far too many folks there to even begin with the long list of LJ names. But like the the last Fetish Show it was well attended and crowded with everyone in their fetish finery. A gal named Nicole did a fabulous job with my hair (it's never been teased so high - I loved it!) and since I don't know how to do make up she was kind enough to do my make up as well. Fortunately I managed to avoid being smeared in fake blood (as previously discussed as part of my costume) probably due to all the show details that needed priority and attention.

I didn't get to pick up my nurse costume until a few hours before the show and discovered it was still too big for me. With no way to alter it on my own I went ahead and put it on me, pulled it tighter, and proceeded to sew it closed with a needle and thread. I literally sewed myself into the dress! It was still a bit big but it worked.

Dr. codexwyrm and Nurse cagekitten will see you now:

doctor t

The other go-go dancer never got into her nurse costume (which matched mine) nor did she dance until the last 4 or 5 songs of the night. This left the other stage open where Bob gladly obliged everyone by dancing. It also left me the only female go-go dancer for the night and I swear I've never had so many photographers taking my picture at once. I'm a little nervous about seeing them (once the photographers start putting them online) because I lost weight this week - unintentionally. I'm 5 pounds lighter and until I gain it back I'm not going to do any more photo shoots or accept anymore professional dancing gigs. One of the photographers encouraged me to go upside down on the dancing pole. I almost gave it a shot but decided to put safety before photo ops. The fun tricks will just have to wait for the Fenix.

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