January 3rd, 2005

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Tsunami Warning Failed to Get Through-Thai Expert

When he says:

"I knew that one day we would have this type of tsunami. I warned that there would be a big disaster," he told reporters.

"Everyone laughed at me and said I was a bad guy who wanted to ruin the tourist industry," he added.

I believe him. I remember before the shooting at Columbine when that Brown kid tried to warn the cops. No one took his concern that Harris and Klebold were a threat, seriously. People believe what they want to believe. And some ideas are just too horrific for our psyches or experiences to allow us to process and believe.

In high school I took a communications class in which we got to listen to the black box recording from a flight that crashed and killed the passengers. In it you can hear a newer co-pilot suggesting that maybe they weren't doing something (I don't remember exactly what) safely. The pilot and whoever the pilot was talking to just totally brushed him off because he was, after all, new at flying a commercial airplane. Surely they knew better than he did whether or not they were doing something safely. After all, they had hundreds of flights under their belt and he didn't. Having been berated for his suggestion once already, he meekly offered a second and third time that there was a danger. The pilots didn't believe him until the last minute...right before the plane crash.

People believe what they want to believe. Even in the face of evidence suggesting otherwise.