December 26th, 2004

socks and cat

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I enjoyed my Christmas at the Psy's. psyberboi amd psychik hosted a brunch in their cool Pioneer Square apartment. I think I'm still feeling the apartment envy! The food was fabulous; waffles, eggs, muffins, pumpkin tarts, bagels, cookies, and more. I nibbled for hours and the food and drinks never ran out. Thank you to my most amazing hosts! bdsm_teddy brought a quiche to die for. Instead of a quiche type pie it was more like a cake. He cooked it for 5 hours at a low heat and it came out just divine. I also enjoyed the company of creatrix777, malixe and a couple other folks who I know have LJ's but I don't know their user names.

And on another note, LJ connections come through for me once again! My posted request for a mannequin form a few days ago was answered and I'll be picking it up tonight. I have a ton of clothes I'll be photographing on it and putting up for sale or auction next month as well as a few lot of other things. I own too much stuff and it's going to feel so good to purge. :)
socks and cat

pictures on Monday...lots of them!

Holy cow I have a ton of pictures to post tomorrow. The idea behind the shoot was just to share all the cool new outfits. But I ended up having so much fun that I played around and even got a little artsy with the lighting.

Comcast is down tonight (anyone else with Comcast having this problem?). So it will take me a ridiculous amount of time to upload all of these using dial up.