November 22nd, 2004

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Tell me about you...

I heard on the radio the other day that back when the band The Cure first got started, no one really got their music. Sometimes when they played at clubs people would jump up on stage and harass them or mess with the keyboard - while they were still playing! I heard something similar from Jim Carrey last night. Apparently when he decided to switch from doing strictly impersonations to doing all improv at comedy clubs, it didn't go over well. The audience would boo him, yell at him, and he'd even have to defend himself when they got violent with him.

Obviously both the band and the actor overcame the the people that tried to stop them to become hugely successful. Can you name something in your life that you gave up when people tried to stop you? Are you sorry you gave it up and will you ever pick it up and try again? Or can you name something in your life that you didn't give up when people tried to stop you, and what was the result?
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I'll be posting more about this in the future...

Imagine you’re on an international flight that has just taken off. The flight attendants are starting to serve meals when you suddenly hear a commotion behind you. You turn around and there are three hijackers with guns! They take everyone’s passports and within hours they are executing all Americans on the flight, one by one...and you’re next!

This happened to Jackie Pflug and I’m currently reading her book “Miles to Go Before I Sleep.” Here is just a one paragraph excerpt from the book’s summary on the inside flap:

On Thanksgiving weekend in November 1985, Jackie Pflug was a passenger on Egypt Air Flight 648 enroute from Athens to Cairo when it was hijacked shortly after takeoff. After the plane landed in Malta, millions watched in horror as the hijackers singled out Israeli and American citizens for execution. Early on Sunday morning, Jacke was shot in the head at point-blank range, pushed out of the plane, and left for dead on the tarmac. As the siege continued, television cameras showed medics dragging her body to a van bound for the morgue.

Needless to say, she was not dead. She survived the ordeal and wrote an amazing and moving biography portraying her exciting life abroad before the hijacking, details of the actual hijacking and her slow and frustrating recovery from her brain injury. I’m just over half way through the book now.

Those who know me probably know that I rarely read fiction, it bores the heck out of me. Why would anyone want to read fiction when real life is so riveting and real people can teach us so much by sharing how they overcame insurmountable obstacles?