November 15th, 2004

socks and cat

Kick-ass Kitten!

Today I feel like a Kitten bad-ass!!!! I mean seriously, name one other woman you know that's both been trained in erotic dance and pole dancing at Sheila Kelly's nationally famous S Factor Studio in Los Angeles (featured on shows like CBS News 48 Hours and Oprah as well as dozens of publications including Seattle Weekly, LA Weekly, and USA Today) AND is also NRA trained in pistol shooting and safety with the ability to load and fire a wide variety of hand guns.

Yup. I feel sexy AND dangerous. So that makes me a Kitten bad-ass! I reserve the right to gloat for at least a day or two before returning to my regularly scheduled humble, semi-humble, a little bit humble once in a while, oh who am I kidding!? outrageous self!