November 5th, 2004

socks and cat

Dancing like I've never danced before...

I can't remember the last time I danced the way I danced last night and I had no idea the night would turn out to be so much fun! When I arrived at the club I wasn't able to leave my outside life at the door and the music wasn't very good. But pretty soon my friends arrived and some one special massaged every last bit out of stress out of my body. Maybe it was the massage, but I was soon more free and loose and before I knew it I was no longer thinking and my mody was spinning and turning and flowing from one move to the other so quickly that I began to feel like I wasn't controlling it anymore - like a passenger in my own graceful body.

I wore the new PVC corset (pictured a few posts back) and I think it looked beautiful with a long sheer black skirt. It helped that last night was a slow night. Normally when a good song is playing, the dance floor gets crowded. But there was plenty of space, so much that I let myself thrash around quite a bit without worrying about hitting anyone. I even managed a few spins that I've never done before, just because the freedom of the uncrowded dance floor combined with the perfect music and relaxed body, just gave birth to new moves I didn't even know I had.

And it was also the first time I ever heard a DJ play the Madonna/Ozzy remix of Crazy Train. That song is so crazy and so fast that I didn't even know I could dance to it (until last night). I play it sometimes during work outs because it's so upbeat and motivating. To hear it on the dance floor at a club, and lose myself to it, was just blissful!

I was thinking about going to the Vogue on Saturday, but I'm afraid it might pale in comparison to last night. I also heard that a new club is opening up this Saturday in the location that used to be Club Polyesthers. Anyone know anything about this?