November 3rd, 2004

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My Halloween

I had a few fun exchanges at the Vogue on Halloween night. One involved a friend I shared a table with. At one point he seemed to just notice that my costume included a tail. He took hold of the tail for a moment and as he let go…

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Another exchange that night was one of those situations where the reply you have in your head is entirely different than the reply you actually give. It was some guy I never met before and the exchange went like this:

Him: So is there a secret to pole dancing?

The answer in my head: Why yes. You pack a months worth of clothes and accessories and belongings into your car and you spend about $200 in gas (round trip) and drive for 3 days down to Los Angeles. Then you get a place to stay for the entire month and you attend the exclusive stripping and pole dancing school at $50 per class where you will find yourself learning with actresses, models and even a celebrity or two. But because you won’t be there long enough to complete the 8 week course, you learn the advanced tricks (and lap dancing) by paying the school $150 per hour for private sessions in which you learn them one on one with your own personal teacher. Then you drive all the way back to Seattle and have a dancing pole installed in your bedroom so that you can practice. Then you relearn half the tricks here at the Vogue because some of the tricks you paid $150 per hour to learn don’t work the same on the rotating pole (at the Vogue) as they do on the stationary pole you learned on. So yeah, that’s the secret to pole dancing.

The answer I gave him: No. There’s no secret.

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What does it matter, the country will be in ruins by then anyway.