October 19th, 2004

socks and cat

Amazing moment in Kitten pole dancing history

I'm so excited! After much practice I was able to teach myself and execute a new very advanced pole trick! One I've never been able to do before! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

I've seen Mony do this trick a dozen times at the Vogue and I even asked Mony to teach me. But every time I was too scared to let go of the pole and hang upside down. Then last Saturday at the Freak Show I saw one of the performers do it and I thought, "okay, if she can do it too then I can do it!"

I tried several times tonight but I was too scared of slipping. Finally I put on my thigh high PVC boots and once I had them on I had a sure grip on the pole and slowly let myself down until I was hanging upside down. I could hardly believe it!!!! I managed to repeat this trick twice for a total of three times. After that my thigh muscles were like jelly from gripping the dancing pole for dear life and they just wouldn't hold me up anymore.

Obviously I'm unable to take a picture of myself doing it, so I found a picture of the trick on the net:

upside down

And I could learn to hold my leg and arch my back to make the trick look like this:

pole trick

</center>I'm going to practice this as often as possible in hopes that I feel confident enough to perform this trick in time for and at seedmoon's party since he has a dancing pole set up at his house. Oh, and did I mention this is the SECOND hanging upside down pole trick I can do now. And practicing this trick really strengthens my abs. Now if I can just get a picture of me doing this trick. Who can bring a digital camera to the Vogue next time??