September 26th, 2004

socks and cat

I saw some one wielding a flaming whip!

It's my anniversary.

On September 25th 1999 I arrived in Seattle knowing absolutely no one except a friend of a friend in Everett who let me crash on his couch for $40 a week until I found a place to live. In honor of my 5 year anniversary yesterday I walked around Green Lake for the very first time! Shane took me and he was kind enough to let me detour our walk to a yard sale that I saw across the street from the lake trail.

I spent the early evening at rayce’s birthday dinner. And later that night a bunch of us went to Golden Gardens where we enjoyed a spectacular fire on the beach. That’s where I saw some one at the next bonfire over cracking a flaming whip!

As for that yard sale I hit in the afternoon…look what I got for $2.00:

title or description

And the best part about the top (other than the Waterhouse Painting on the front) is that the back is all sheer black. You can see through it. Tres sexy!!! Extra points to anyone who can tell me the name of the painting on that top.