September 17th, 2004

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thank you

I want to thank everyone who answered my last post about self worth. Your replies made me think, made me smile, made me laugh, made me contemplate and evaluate and reflect. You guys rock! I'm going to add that post - along with your replies - to my "favorites" file.
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A video that is just my style

I saw the video to Nickelback's "Someday" three times before I finally got it. Maybe the first couple of times I didn't see it from the very beginning and so the end didn't make as much sense. But there were clues I overlooked; the fact that he didn't leave any footprints when walking through spilled milk or the fact that he had no reflection in the rear view mirror. Did anyone else not get this video the first time they saw it?

I mean from the beginning it looks to me like a couple having a fight and breaking up. And even before I got it I was enthralled with this video because it has so much of my style in it. For those not familiar with my background my degree is in television/film and screenwriting. And for my first film project ever in college (cinematography class to be exact) I produced/directed/shot a music video. From then on music videos were my favorite medium of expressing my creativity. And I think Nickelback's "Someday" has a lot of the mystery, romance and science fiction aspects that drew me to film and writing in the first place.

For anyone who hasn't seen it you can use the link in the first paragraph to download it. I'm also including some screen caps here:

Collapse )

Anyone else figure out the twist to this video the first, second or third time around? Is it romantic and creative or just a knock off of the well known film that shares the same premise? And is it really a knock off or is it paying homage to the film?
socks and cat


Mmmmm...I just heard thunder...THREE TIMES! The rumble of thunder has to be one of my all time favorite sounds. Fog is closing in over my view of the bay. I love that too. I'm so enjoying the fall!

Jai is in town this weekend, starting tonight. And whenever he is in town he takes me wherever I want for dinner. So I've chosen Todai. Don't get me wrong, normally I'm a cheap date. Whenever some one takes me out I usually prefer The 5 Spot on Queen Anne Ave. or just Denny's. But Jai insists on taking me to the best places. Normally all-you-can-eat type places are wasted on me but I think I might be close to eating my money's worth tonight. Okay, at $25 per person, probably not. But I can certainly eat more now than I normally do! I'll probably pass on the sushi and the lobster. But I love sashimi and I'll pack lots of that in along with chicken and lots of samplings from the salad bar and at least 2 different deserts! I wish I could just camp out in that place overnight and nibble and snack at the buffet until morning.