September 16th, 2004

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There's a show on MTV called I Want a Famous Face in which ordinary people have cosmetic surgery to more closely resemble their celebrity idols. I was blown away by one of the recent transformations.

Identical twins Michael and Matt were self-professed ugly guys. The show followed them and their social interactions and we had a chance to see how quickly women were turned off by them and were trying to avoid them or get away from them at the clubs. Both of them were obsessed with Brad Pitt and wanted to look like him. They both wanted acting careers as well.

These are before and after pictures, including hair make overs after the surgery:

before and after shot

The twin on the left had porcelain veneers (for his teeth), a nose job and a chin implant. The brother on the right had porcelain veneers, a chin implant, and cheek and jaw implants to fill out his face. The difference is amazing.

Now when they walk through the mall or in clubs girls admire them and whisper to one another and stare as they walk by. And women regularly tell them how beautiful they are. When asked about cosmetic surgery one of the brothers said:

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This leads me to ask everyone, where does your strongest sense of self-worth come from?