September 10th, 2004

socks and cat

public update

I'm sorry I haven't made any public posts in a while. I've got so many lurkers and silent folks who read my LJ from time to time that I actually feel guilty when I don't have something fun or thought provoking to post for them once in a while. It probably comes from being an artist and performer - I naturally want to provide an audience with whatever it is they came for...and more.

Here’s a few tidbits for those still following my adventures:

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And finally, I'm taking the month of September off. I thought that I could take care of my health by just working part time and filling the rest of my time with fun stuff (like my Kung Fu class). Then for a couple weeks there I pushed myself to try and work full time (it was only a short term temp job so I didn't think there was any harm in trying) and that took its toll. If a full time income also comes with the price tag of a hospital bill, it’s just not worth it. None of that.

So that's all the personal stuff you'll see from me in public. You know the drill, the rest is friends only, etc., bla bla bla. I'll try and return you to your regularly scheduled "quote of the day" (with questions) and other random observations and thoughts.
socks and cat

A Friday for the non-working sort

Marie came by today to get me out of the house. We went to some Mexican place near Green Lake. But unfortunately I had just had breakfast, so rather than lunch I just enjoyed some herbal tea. Then we walked over to the lake.

Would you believe in the almost 5 years I have lived in Seattle I have never been to Green Lake? Or sure I've driven by it, driven around it, even had coffee across the street from it. But I never actually walked around it or sat in front of it. At least not until today.

I enjoyed the duck watching as well as the people watching. But mostly the lake reminds me of a story some one once told me. Apparently her friend jumped into the lake to save some one and ended up drowning and dying right there in Green Lake. And so as I looked out at the calm water I couldn't help but the hell does some one drown in that?

Morbidity aside it was a nice visit and chat. Afterward we stopped by PCC where I got my favorite spinach/kale/parsley/apple/lemon juice. Marie bought me a couple brown cow yogurts because apparently they have "cream on the top" which adds calories and should help me put on some weight should I take a liking to this brand of yogurt I'm not yet familiar with.

There's another despacho ritual tonight I would like to attend. This is the pagan ritual I attended last time with some rather powerful but very unexpected/unintended results. My inclination is to try it again. However I don't think I have the energy to deal with traffic at 6:30pm tonight.