August 21st, 2004

socks and cat

grey day

With the exception of the wonderful people in my life, there is nothing that effects my mood quite like overcast weather like this. It's just...perfect. I don't think the earth was meant to be scorched by day after day of sunlight. A rich layer of white and grey across the sky filtering the light into soft illumination - is just what the doctor ordered. Grey days like this make me want to get out of bed and do things.
socks and cat

Adventures in catsitting my landlord's cat

buttercup mug shot

Hello, my name is Buttercup.
My mommy and daddy went on a trip for a few weeks
but Cage Kitten comes and visits me often and keeps me company.

head scratch

I just love it when she pets the top of my head. It makes me purr.

playing together

And she's always happy to see me. I have her well trained.