July 24th, 2004

socks and cat

I'm so full I feel like I'm gonna burst

Enjoyed dinner tonight over at ratchick's and krow's along with several other folks who either don't have LJ's or I don't know their LJ tags yet. I'm really not used to eating so well and within minutes of finishing the meal had a sharp carb crash. No problem, I propped myself up on the table for some good conversation and a few fabulous tales of college life. This was followed by ice cream and chocolate syrup. Afterward many of us just sort of crashed on the floor with the animals.

And speaking of animals, did you know you can wipe off doggy drool on the cat? Of course only when they are in close proximity of one another. Their dog Rosalin seems to think she's a cat. At one point I sat on the floor to pet one of the cats and Rosalin actually sat on my lap! Picture this, a big dog who probably weighs 2/3 of what I do actually sitting on my lap! So I mastered the art of two handed pet lovin's by petting the cat and the lap dog at the same time.

And being as obsessive with weight gain as I am lately I actually weighed myself when I got home. And I'm a pound heavier! Yay! Perhaps going to sleep on a full stomach will help that process along. Assuming, of course, than I can fall asleep in this heat. I'll be trying to get up at 8:30 in the morning to make it to Kung Fu class.
socks and cat

It's only 1:00 and it's already 80 degrees

I just finished taping silver reflective insulation material to my window. The view from my bedroom window is fabulous. I can see the Olympic Mountains, a sliver of Elliot Bay and blocks and blocks of some city across from us that I have yet to determine the name of even though I've lived here 5 years. But the view comes with a price and it's called the afternoon sun. Both my roommates who do not have a view of anything other than the house behind us and an alley, don't have this problem. Their rooms stay cool while mine turns into an oven. Lets see if the insulation helps. I'll gladly give up my view for a few days for a cooler room.
socks and cat

a lazy afternoon

Shane came over to hang out this afternoon. He tried to coax me out to Green Lake but I thought it was just way too hot to go out. So instead we just laid on my bed with lemonade popsicles and fans pointing at us and talked and talked and talked.

And by the way, both he and my roommate informed me that the city I have a view of from my window is actually Magnolia. Hellooooooo Magnolia! I am such a wimp that I've already decided that I will not venture outside the apartment until after dark. By then it should be back down to 75 or 80 degrees.