July 8th, 2004

sword crossing pole

open enrollment for two new filters

You won't see much about my Kung Fu class posted publicly. This is because it is part of my spiritual practice which I don't often share publicly unless some one asks (except for the more common aspects of it such as meditation and attending services). All I'm comfortable saying about the class publicly right now is that I have come to two conclusions after my first Kung Fu class.

#1 - It is a very disciplined art. It asks a lot of me and in return courts me with rewards only a disciplined and dedicated student can earn.

#2 - This is one of those times I'm especially grateful to have smaller breasts. I could see these getting in the way in class often if they were any bigger.

I'm setting up a Kung Fu filter for anyone who would like to find out more about what I do in a Shaolin class (sorry, no more details though about what my breasts are doing in class). In it you can follow my new relationship with this art to find out (along with me) if it will be a passionate, torrid, short lived affair or a life long romance. Check the box below if you would like to be included in this filter.

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Check if you would like to be added to either of these filters:

Kung Fu filter
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socks and cat

brief update

It's almost 2:00pm...still anxiously awaiting UPS. There is a big sign on my door now for UPS letting them know I'm home. Once the package arrives and I spend the obligatory hour or so trying on the boots with all my favorite club outfits, then I'm off to the hospital to visit my roommate.

In the meantime I'm getting things on my "to do" list done and gathering up more stuff to give away. Yesterday I donated a huge box of my stuff to my favorite thrift store. And now it's also time to climb up into the top storage area of my closet and dig out my Catholic school girl uniform for The Confessional tonight. Some of you might remember the outfit from when I wore it to "Uniform Night" at the Catwalk. Hey eonen, remember when this was taken at Uniform Night?

school girl and flight pilot
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