July 1st, 2004

socks and cat

they want me back

Just got a call, the psychiatric crisis clinic wants me back again to fill in for their sick receptionist today. "They love you over there," my temp agency rep told me. I love it there too but I was hoping for at least one day off this week to catch up on stuff. Ah well, there's still next week.

Oh, and I did find out yesterday why I'm so slammed over there. You see it's a two receptionist desk. There is supposed to be one to juggle phones and one to juggle all the patients/clients that come to the window. Apparently one receptionist is out sick and the other is on vacation.

No internet for me today. Off I go. Weeeee!!!
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(no subject)

One of my roommates had to go to the ER last night (and no, not the one with an LJ account - the other one). Turns out he'll be having surgery next week so he'll be in there for a while. It also happens to be his birthday tomorrow. I hope it's not too corny to swing by there tomorrow with lots of "get well" and "happy birthday" balloons. I don't know him all that well yet, so he'll certainly be surprised.

Keeping my fingers crossed that none of my temp agencies call tomorrow (because that would keep me from doing this). Or maybe I'll just screen all my calls.
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lets hear it for a healthy body

I am now the proud owner of a new piece of lower body exercise equipment! It sells online and on t.v. for 5 easy payments of $39.99. I got it used for only one easy payment of $39.99. However, it did not come with the instructions or the video. I'll be hunting for those online.

I was afraid that when I went to buy it the woman who was selling it would take one look at me and think, "what does this skinny girl need exercise equipment for!?" Imagine my surprise when I found it was being sold by a woman even smaller than me! She was shorter as well and couldn't have been over 90 to 95 pounds. She used the machine for the same thing I want it for; more muscle!