June 20th, 2004

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birthday blessings

Happy Birthday stillraven!

I have witnessed a few examples of love in my lifetime but never before have I known a woman who gives and shares so much of it as a friend, a wife and a mother. You are an inspiration and deserve all the beauty that life has to offer!
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club hugging

Although we spoke beforehand and he said he would show, I really didn't expect Lance to show up to the club last night. I think he's only in town for a couple days and he had at least 2 other clubs to visit to catch up with all his friends. So I was really surprised and happy to see him when he showed up around midnight. I missed him at first, and he gave me this lool like "HELLO! Where's my hug!?" I ran up to him, jumped up on a chair inbetween us and leaped from there into his arms! I just totally wrapped my legs and arms around him as he lifted me high off the ground and spun me around in the hugest bear hug ever.

We must have been quite a sight. Not long after that one of the regulars asked me, "So, I guess you know that guy huh?"


Lance also made the most incredible dance partner during a very sexy remix of Wumpscut's Wreath of Barbs.

More about my awsome night later in a more filtered post. :)
socks and cat

His journey continues elsewhere

So when you show up to service with a hop and skip in your step the last thing you expect to see is a display of an old friend's picture with flowers surrounding it outside of the sanctuary. I knew what it meant immediately but I kept hoping it was something different like perhaps a party announcing his retirement or something. It was of course, an announcement of his memorial service. I didn't know it until today, but he was diagnosed with cancer 3 weeks ago and made his transition last week. His companion was with him, singing to him as he died. I'm told he died with the most peaceful expression on his face.

Henry was inspiring. I worked with him for a year and a half and he loved his job. He was the grounds keeper and loved every minute of being outdoors and caring for the trees, the shrubs, the foliage and the flowers. I know I brag endlessly about how much I love my job, but I still only do it one night per week. Henry got to do a job he loved 5 days a week. And there is this incredibly glow and joy and energy around some one who loves what they do for a living. You can't help but want to be around them and that energy. Add to that the amazing amount of healing he's done in his life and the beautiful way it has influenced all his relationships and you can't help but be inspired by him.

Henry, I was so lucky and privileged to have you in my life almost every day for so long. Thank you. Namaste.