June 7th, 2004

socks and cat

another clothing swap tonight!

There is another clothing swap party tonight. No, this one is not at my place. A friend of a friend is hosting it and everyone (whether you know her or not) is welcome.

If you're thinking "Wow I wish I could go but I don't have many clothes in my closet to contribute" then this is your lucky day. I still have, get this, 4 full boxes AND two garbage bags full of clothes to bring. I tried to donate some of it to a shelter for battered women but one shelter said they didn't really have anyone on staff to handle that but they would try to call me back, and never did. And the other shelter said they only wanted clothes sizes 14 and up.

Anyway, anyone willing to stop by my place first and ride with me so they can help me carry all this in would be a welcomed contribution. There's enough love...errr...clothes for everyone! Oh, and for those of you who prefer to pay for your clothes (rather than getting them for free this way) it is half price day at Value Village today!
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Holy cow you people are posting a lot today! It's going to be a while before I can catch up on everyone's posts.

My CSL friends are hosting a potluck on Saturday evening and I'm regretting that I can't attend. Don't get me wrong, you all know I LOVE my Saturday night job. And I know it won't last forever, having go-go dancers is kind of an experiment for them. But sometimes I just want to have my cake...errr...my tiny little PVC go-go outfits...and eat at the potlucks too. I guess I'll just have to spend more one on one time with them later if I can't drop in when they're together all at once.