June 6th, 2004

socks and cat

Being paid to bliss out

I just want to say how incredibly cool the supervising bartender and the DJ are where I work Saturday nights. I don't get out of there until at least 2:30am and the bartender always has the door man walk me to my car. I explained to him last night that I felt guilty about being walked to my car because the closest parking space I was able to find was 5 blocks away. So rather then send me off on my long walk he went outside, hailed a cab, and gave the cab driver $5 to drive me to my car. How cool is THAT!?

The DJ...well it helps that I love just about everything he plays. It makes my job a pure pleasure. But last night he was over the top when he actually played a song by E Nomine. The only time I've ever heard E Nomine played in a club was when jalajscion used to bring his E Nomine CD to the Vogue and give it to the DJ.

I had so much on my mind last night that I was not totally present with the music and the dancing. But as soon as E Nomine played everything even remotely troubling just evaporated from my life and I danced it all out as the music healed me. My mind finally went to that place between thoughts where you can no longer think, or contemplate, or worry or evaluate anything. All you can do is feel and let the feeling rule your body. And in my case, as a performer, the healing was a public experience. I have felt a calm bliss through me ever since.

Oh yeah...and did I mention I get paid for this?