June 4th, 2004

socks and cat

Follow up to the last post

To those of you who voted for Peabody, I'm very sorry but the pageant has no choice but to disqualify her. It has been brought to the attention of the pageant that Peabody is both a thief and a drug user.

This photo was anonymously submitted of Peabody stealing sips of the the catnip tea I drink:


After stealing the contraband she was seen drugged up and high; rolling around on the floor, looking paranoid at the slightest sounds and chasing herself into circles.

While Peabody's attorney is threatening to sue, we must stand by our policy of not permitting contestants who use drugs or who engage in theft to obtain them. If necessary we will take this to kitty court.

That being said, the next cat with the most votes at this time is Sweet Pea (although that could change by the time you read this post). Due to disqualification, Sweet Pea is the new winner of the Queen of Apt. #3 competition!


During an interview the winning kitty was quoted as saying, "You call THIS a tiara?" as well as "I have no idea who submitted that photo anonymously. No idea at all."