May 25th, 2004

socks and cat

I like this day...a lot

Good lord that was freakin' great nap! After only 6 hours of sleep I wasn't looking forward to working. It was a pleasure to get turned away at the office, come home, take care of some stuff, and get all cozy in bed with a book while it's cloudy and cool out. I woke up to my roommate and his house guest as company, which I love by the way. Just because I like having a house with people and conversation in it (I've been spending way too much time living alone).

Followed that up with a super healthy lunch. I made a salad of mixed greens and chopped up fresh veggies with rasberry vinigrette. I had it with a milk/banana/honey/protein powder shake. In a little bit I'll up the carb/calorie factor by munching on some cookies left over from my party on Sunday. And then it's an upper body day complete with weight lifting and pole dancing practice.

There will be plenty of time left over to pay a few bills, do a meditation at my alter and start altering some of the new clothes. Then it's off to Edmonds at 7pm (still need help with that by the way!) to pick up my new waterbed. All in all I'd say this is exactly the kind of day I want. Because I LOVE NOT WORKING!! When I'm not stuck at a job all day life is what I want it to be...healthy physically, socially, spiritually...and sometimes with a side of something new to bring home at the end of the day.