May 24th, 2004

socks and cat

aren't you a sales clerk?

I just called Victoria's Secret in the Southcenter mall. The recording said "please hold for the next available client service representative." Client Service Representative? What ever happend to "sales girl"?
socks and cat

I settled

I talked to my attorney today. He already knows this but I reiterated that there are only two ways I have to make money right now - as a dancer and as an office worker. And then I asked him why, when office work will hurt my neck and dancing hurts my back, would the insurance company not offer a larger settlement for the accident.

He explained to me that juries are very biased these days because of all the frivolous injury lawsuits. And tissue damage injuries like mine are hard to prove to them. If I had nerve damage and MRI's proving it then a jury would be likely to side with me. The insurance company would also make me see one of their doctors which are paid about $500 for a one hour exam and to testify later that my injuries aren't extensive. And insurance companies know this so they offer low settlements because you have so much to risk by going to court. It made sense to me and I agreed to the settlement...or what's left of it.

But yesterday I was reminded of what I can no longer do since the accident. Behind the cut is a picture taken of me dancing at "work". What I am attempting is one of the deep and graceful backward arches I used to do pre-accident. But as you can see there's not much grace left to it anymore.

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