May 6th, 2004

socks and cat

Please pervies and philosophers alike...

Well it appears that some of you enjoy the philosophy and quote idea in my journal while others enjoy pics of girls in cute outfits. And lots of you appreciate both (my kind of people!).

So I have both for you today. Feel free to comment on either or both. Should be interesting.

In real love
you want the other person's good

In romantic love
you want the other person.

-Margaret Anderson


cage kitten in hat

socks and cat

I got "ooooh"s!!!

Tonight was my final class. As the other folks presented their projects I began to feel nervous and actually believed that my project was all wrong and I shouldn't present it at all. Eventually I had to just get it over with.

As I unwrapped it and presented it there were actually "ooohs" and "aaaahs" because they were so impressed with it. I didn't hear anyone else in the class get ooohs and aaaahs during presentation. It reminded me of the feeling of presenting my art to an audience like when when I did a dance solo for an audience of 500 last summer or the time in junior college when I presented my finished film to the rest of the school's film department students. Praise for one's art is an ecstasy beyond all others. Because my art is representative of who I am and how I express my divinity in this incarnation. And the world says YES! Or in this case, my class did.

I was very moved by many of the presentations. I got to see into the hearts and spirits of my classmates and many of the presentations included gifts to take home.