May 5th, 2004

Roaring Kitten

Attention all: Welcome to something new to the CK journal!

It occurred to me today that to anyone NOT on my filters or friends list my journal looks like nothing but posts about clubs, clothes and cats. In fact I can't imagine why any lurkers would stick around. All the meaningful, philosophical, personal material that is really about my life just isn't here for people I don't know.

To remedy that a little and also to infuse my journal with something everyone can get something out of (regardless of whether you're a friend or not) I've decided to start posting quotes. They are not here just to read and move on, but that is certainly an option. When I post them you are welcome and encouraged to post comments with any of the following:

  • What it means to you

  • How you apply it to your life (or why you don't) or why you admire or disdain other that do

  • Support for it or refute it

  • Debate with others (friendly please, no flaming) who post their point of view

And in the spirit of encouraging comments I am starting with a quote that could be controversial. Not all of them in the future will be. But here is the very first:

Collapse )
socks and cat

Oh reeeeaaally?

Hmmm...interesting. So apparently posts including scantily clad persons of the female variety (whether they be myself or some hot model in an outfit I'm drooling over) garner WAY more comments than famous quotes intended to stimulate thought and share opinions. Uh-huh. I see how it is! Bunch of pervies!! ;)

I'm still going to try and post quotes often. But apparently I'll need to slip in a picture of a bikini clad chick with them now and then.