April 22nd, 2004

socks and cat

Custom made go-go boxes - every girls dream!

I found a nice pant suit for the meeting at the club. The pants, like all my others, are too big now. So I used safety pins to take them in and had my jacket cover them. I'm so used to clubs that open at 9pm that I was quite surprised to find it opened at 5:00. The dance area was closed (so it was more like a bar) and the front seems to be a gathering spot for folks who just want to drink and socialize after work. When the cute door man checked my ID he noticed my birthday was last week and wished me a late happy birthday. That SO made me smile and set a great mood for my meeting with the club owner.

The owner had me take a look at the dance area and tell him how big I wanted the go-go boxes and where I would like them placed. He's basically building and placing them to my specifications and I'm to come by a week from Friday and check them out. I also brought up the pole dancing idea and he would like to install a pole for me. However I'm not sure how much he understood or took seriously my instructions that it had to be a chrome pole or something known as a "powder finish" in order for me to be able to spin on it. I'm concerned he'll just put in a steel pole and be disappointed that I can't use it. Or he may find out how expensive it is and not do it at all. We'll see.

He asked if I change outfits throughout the night and my jaw just kind of dropped. I stammered trying to think of an excuse not to since so far I have only found one dance outfit in my closet that still fits me.

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socks and cat

mood altering herbs and art by a mystery child

I stopped at PCC today on the way home from an appointment. One of the things I picked up was a cheap tea infuser and a few ounces of organic catnip. I've only had catnip as tea once and it was over a decade ago but I can still remember how good it felt. It instantly altered my mood into just feeling mellow and calm and incredibly peaceful. Catnip is some powerful stuff. I'll give it a try today and see if I have the same reaction this time.

As the checker bagged my groceries he told me that each bag had been individually decorated by a school child. I looked at the bag and was deeply touched. Some child who doesn't even know me made this wonderful gift with this beautiful message just for me! What a wonderful gift. I'm sharing a picture of it here.