April 16th, 2004

socks and cat

My angel has been gone too long

I just realized today how much I miss Lance. I'm going to e-mail him and invite him to the SeaGoth picnic next month. He hasn't been to Seattle since last year. He doesn't like where he lives in Oregon and he misses his friends in Seattle desperately. It's time for him to come home, even if just for the weekend.
socks and cat


Oops, I just realized the first SeaGoth picnic is not next month...it's THIS Saturday. I've already made plans to spend half the weekend (if not all of it) relaxing and getting back to nature at the Ranch. But I will surely make next month's picnic and hopefully have Lance with me.
red pvc pants

Does anyone have these?

looking for 2 things:

1. A copy of LAST WEEK's Seattle Weekly. Not the one that came out on Wednesday but the April 7-14 issues that came out a week previous to that. Anyone still have one laying around that I can have?

2. A hub for cable internet. Anyone have an extra one that I could buy for cheap?

Thanks all!
socks and cat

A letter to Cage Kitten's body

Dear Body,

On the way home from the doctor's office today I picked up some treats for you! First of all a healthy salad. Now I know what you're thinking, that it isn't going to help you gain weight. But you need the veggies and I added some tuna and chicken for protein.

And second...I got you a pair of knee high lace up black PVC boots for only $3.00! They'll look adorable with your fishnets and little PVC hotpants. Oh...except the hotpants are a size too big now so you need to put on some weight to wear them again. Yeah...okay...shoulda picked up a steak to go with that salad.