April 13th, 2004

socks and cat


Normally I hear Peabody when she walks into my room in the morning. But I was half asleep and I did not hear her come in nor did I hear her leap up onto my bed. So imagine my shock when I opened my eyes and there was this huge cat face staring at me just about 1/2 an inch from my face! Whoa!
socks and cat

taking a leap of faith

It's official. Because I have not been well enough to work I have lost my new job. I am totally and completely living on faith now. It's like leaping and trusting that the net will be there. Or maybe something more action movie oriented like helicopter or a jet. I like that better because a net just holds you. You can can kick some serious ass on a jet or a helicopter.
socks and cat

All is right with the world when you have a pink balloon

I had a great day today! My mind has not been still enough for meditating so this morning I did 5 minutes of Sihk chanting instead. It felt very right.

As a gift to help me heal a wonderful massage therapist gave me a free massage today! I've had massage on my back and neck done before following my car accident. But this is the first time I've ever had a full body massage. It lasted about an hour and a half. She used hot stones and massaged me with essential oils, all while soft Native American music played gently in the background. I still smell the beautiful essential oils all over me. This massage therapist is AMAZING! If anyone is looking for a massage just let me know and I'll give you her number. She has offices in both Redmond and Seattle and I thinks he makes house calls too.

Afterward I went to spend the rest of the day with my angel and friend stillraven and her family. Collapse )