April 11th, 2004

socks and cat

that pesky "trauma diet" again

My landlord is such a blessing. I went to his house late tonight (he lives in the house behind my building) to pick up a rental application for potential roommates we'll be interviewing this week. My landlord noticed right away that I'd lost weight. This alarmed me because I thought if I just wore baggy pants that it wouldn't show. So the fact that he spotted it must mean I'm losing muscle in my upper body as well. On Friday at the doctor's office I weighed in at 94.5 pounds...with clothes and shoes on! I was so shocked I made them recalibrate the damn scale just to make sure it was right.

So upon discovering that I've been sick and losing weight he offered to make me dinner. And within minutes he served me a wonderful stir fry. I didn't think I was hungry. But there is something about having food made for me or purchased for me which just makes me feel cared for and happy and want to eat it all the more. I devoured far more than I thought I could as I chatted with him and his girlfriend.

Now I'm relaxed with a full belly as I tape the Wayne Dyer special on PBS. And my body...whoa...I now have an entirely different body than I had one month ago. I have thoughts and ideas on that, which I'll save for a more filtered post.