April 7th, 2004

socks and cat

Trying to get medical care

The UW clinic is unable to co-operate with my post hospitalization care plan. It's frustrating. I have called the UW clinic twice explaining how important it is that I have my liver enzyme levels tested before my appointment on Friday. I'm still weak and tired a good deal of the time and I just want to make sure everything is okay. I left two messages for the doctor's assistant yesterday requesting instructions on how to get the blood test and my calls are not being returned.

A follow up with a doctor at the office next door to the clinic was also part of the instructions. They are booked weeks in advance but I explained to them it was an emergency situation and part of the condition of my release from the hospital. They agreed it was an emergency and said they would see what they could do and then call me back. They called me back and said that they have so many doctors on vacation at once that they don't even have room for emergencies. They apologized profusely and told me they simply couldn't see me.

I feel really helpless at this point. I could just go to the clinic tomorrow and demand that they test me. I think I have my doctor's e-mail somewhere and if I can find it I'll e-mail her for help as well. I have too much to do today: DSHS paperwork, homework, etc. to deal with this until tomorrow. But I will leave yet another message for the doctor's assistant. I'm also going to call my insurance since those two UW clinics are the only places they will pay for me to be seen. I'm going to be like, come on people...how sick do I seriously have to be before you'll let me be seen somewhere else. *grumbles*
socks and cat

yay goffee!

SO very glad I went to goth coffee tonight. autonomic_pilot went too. Not a lot of people there but everyone that was there made me feel welcome. I miss the way it was when it used to be so packed I could just hop from lap to lap and snuggle and chat all night. But even when attendance is low I know there are still always open arms for me there.