March 23rd, 2004

Kitten dancing in a cage2

So this is how it's gonna be...

This is my first day of no daytime internet. The place I start working for today has two computers in the break room with internet that staff can use to check their e-mail during the two 15 minute breaks we get. However I also need the breaks to eat (since I’m hypoglycemic I need to eat every few hours) and there are other staff who may want to check e-mail during breaks as well. So it’s questionable whether or not I’ll get any access during the day. But at most it will be 5 to 10 minutes over the course of the work day.

That being said I’m making a change to my Live Journal. Since I can no longer monitor what goes on my LJ for hours at a time I have changed the comment settings. As of today the only people who can post unscreened comments are those on my friends list. If you are not on my friends list you are still MOST welcome to post comments in my journal. I love comments! But as a result of the new settings your posted comment will only be viewable to you until I’ve had a chance to see it. Once I read it I will hit the “approve” button and your comment becomes visible to everyone else as well. And again, this is just to prevent any unwanted or strange comments and spam that could sit in my journal for hours before I have a chance to see them. But all comments are still very welcome here and always will be.
socks and cat


I just watched a crocodile and a shark battle to the death on the Discovery channel. The croc would have won too but it ran out of air and had to swim for the surface. That's when the shark turned it into lunch. How's that for a little excitement on my Tuesday night?

On to do homework now.