March 17th, 2004

Kitten & Duncan

What is it like?

I have been long fascinated by the concept of marriage and that fact that it seems to work so poorly in this instant gratification non-disciplined American culture. I spent some time studying marriage and got a grasp of some of the basic concepts that doom it and some of the elements required between a couple to make it last. But I still haven't had the actual experience. I've never even lived with a partner.

If you ever have been or currently are married would you please post and tell me what it is like? If you don't want your comments linked to you because they are not positive in some way then please feel free to hide your identity by logging out and posting your response anonymously.

I realize I'm not going to get the experience of marriage from a few posted comments. But I'm still looking forward to getting a peek into the views and experiences of others. I can always benefit from them.
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If you go to Krispy Kreme's website it has the actual sugar content of all it's donuts listed. Most of them have less sugar than the average cup of yogurt and definitely less than a glass of Ocean Spray juice.

Anyone else craving Krispy Kremes now?